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Traditional employee time clocks are incredibly accurate and efficient. Punch clocks are often called traditional time clocks because they were the first time clock systems to hit the market. Typically they work by a user “punching” in and out of the time clock system with a paper card.

A time card machine never goes out of style. These systems are built to last and some even come equipped with battery back-up in the case of a power outage. Each product has its own unique features, but all of our products can help your business run more efficiently and help your business save money.

Employee time tracking is an essential part of maintaining an accurate payroll system. Businesses lose a significant amount of money every day through erroneous bookkeeping and time card inaccuracies.

We carry punch time clock systems from ALL the major brands on the market including Amano, Lathem, Pyramid, Icon and Acroprint. Punch time clock systems are much more advanced today than they were in the past. For example, some of these systems now feature Biometric verification which can help to eliminate the problem of “buddy punching.” A few of these systems include a time clock online so that employees can clock in from any location.

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