Allied Time USA - Frequently Asked Questions

- Does Allied Time Provide free consultation to small and medium businesses with regards to their employee time tracking needs?
Yes we have a signup sheet online HERE and can be reached at 888-860-2535 or [email protected]

-When is a paper time card clock the right solution for employee time tracking?
For small companies that prefer a legacy technology we offer punch clocks such as the Calculating Time Clock AT4500. Advantages of this type of system include familiarity, ease of use and employee ability to review time at a glance.

- What is the right biometric solution for my workforce management?
While fingerprint time clocks are appropriate in office areas,for any situation (especially rougher environments) facial and palm vein readers such as those seen in Web Based Time Clock CB4000 are far more accurate way to keep track of employee hours.

- At what point does a cloud based (SAAS model) employee time and attendance system make financial sense for a company?
CouldBiometry time clock software service should be a consideration for any company that prioritizes security against fraud and mistakes, understands the value of real-time data for efficient management and appreciates the significance of best management practices with regard to compliance. Certainly any business with more than 12 employees or more than 1 location will show massive ROI.

- What is included in CouldBiometry subscription?
Live technical support, all upgrades and updates, hardware warranty with free clock replacements, data storage and backup on Amazon Web Servers.