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Time Clock with Bell/Buzzer Connection options

We carry time clocks that serve a variety of purposes and functions. For certain work environments, including schools and factories, it’s important to have a signal output such as a bell or horn. These signal devices can be used to notify employees and students of breaks and meal periods.

Browse below to find a time punch clock with these special bonus features. Many of our systems are multi-function which saves you from having to purchase multiple machines and different types of equipment. With these accurate time clock systems, you can keep the workplace running as smoothly as possible.

Nearly all of our time machine systems can be programmed for different schedules. Many of them also keep track of aspects such as overtime, vacation, holidays, and sick time.

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Lathem 400E top load time clock Lathem 400E Top Load Time Clock Bundle

Lathem 400E Bundle: clock sets up in minutes and bundle offer includes everything you need to start using this top load time clock immediately. Supports any pay cycle. Top feed time card design eliminates overprinting.

List Price: $250.00
Unit Price: $174.99
Acroprint ATR480 Totalizing Time Clock Acroprint ATR480 Totalizing Time Clock

Easy to use and affordable time clock from Acroprint model ATR480. Totals up hours worked for 50 employees for any pay cycle. Optional automatic lunch deduction, easy to read digital display, completely automatic card feed makes this model quick and easy to deploy and use.

Unit Price: $209.99
Acroprint ES-900 Acroprint ES-900 Atomic Time Recorder

Acroprint ES-900 atomic time clock keeps incredibly accurate time by synchronizing to MIST. It offers optional operational battery backup as well as interface to Signal Bell/Horn. In addition to time/date and message this clock can also stamp consecutive number.

Unit Price: $269.99

Pyramid 4000 Calculating Clock Pyramid 4000 PRO Calculating Time Recorder

This model offers quick and easy way to record and calculate regular working hours for up to 50-employees. The time clock sets up in minutes and is suited for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly time totals.

Unit Price: $339.00

DWA-s Sinachron Lathem DWA-S Sonachron Signal Device

Stand alone electronic device that is ideal for controlling signaling horns and bells. It can also be used for controlling the ON/OFF status of electrical devices such as HVAC or appliances. Because of the ease of programming of exact minute and weekday for each event, it is widely used by schools and various industries.

Unit Price: $339.00

Acroprint ES1000 Time Computing Atomic Time Clock Acroprint ES-1000 Calculating Time Recorder

Acroprint ES1000 Totalizing Payroll Recorder TOTALS employee hours worked and Calculates Regular Time and Overtime categories for up to 100 employees. Options include operational battery backup and Signal Interface to ring a horn or a bell.

Unit Price: $379.00