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Time Clocks by Brand

Whether you’re searching for traditional Amano time clocks that utilize time cards or an advanced Biometric system such as the Lathem face recognition system, we’ve got you covered! We carry time clocks and systems from ALL major national and international brands, including Acroprint anduAttend. We only carry the highest quality time clocks on the market which we’ve used and tested out ourselves.

Please narrow your search by choosing one of the options below. Our time clocks vary in their features and capabilities, but all of them are incredibly efficient and reliable products. For example, Pyramid time clocks such as the Pyramid TimeTrax EZ Badge System, comes equipped with 25 employee badges and is a great system for small businesses.

Lathem Time is another reputable brand in the time clock industry whose products vary in applications. For example, the Lathem Time DWA-S Sonachron Signal Device system can be used in the workplace or schools as a way to regulate schedules. These systems feature signaling horns and bells that can be programmed for a variety of events, including lunch time and breaks.

Feel free to browse through the different brands below or contact us in order to find the right time clock for the particular needs of your business. Whether you’re searching for an Acroprint time recorder or a revolutionary Biometric system, we’re sure that you will find it at Allied Time.

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web based time clock software
TimeAllyPRO Online Time Clock Software
Unit Price: $18.00

No hardware or software installation required with this easy-to-use online employee tracking service. Record and report punches from web browser on any PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. GPS enabled with multiple payroll exports included! Sign up NOW for 15-Day Free Trial.
Android time clock with web based time clock software
Portable Android with TimeAlly LITE App Installed
Unit Price: $129.99

We turned this Android device into a Portable Time Clock! Ships with TimeAlly App pre-installed for tracking employee punch times along with face/image verification captured by camera for added security. Have your own Android device that you would like to use? Contact us for app download details, it is included with this web based software subscription.
Time Clocks Model AT2700
AT-2700 Time Clock Bundle
Unit Price: $139.00


Special bundle includes AT-2700 Time Clock, 4-Packs of 25 Time Cards, 2-Ribbons (1-installed), 2-Card Holders (10-Slots ea), and 4-Keys. Inexpensive time clock that features accurate punch recording, auto top loading and ejecting to eliminate overprinting.
AT-4500 Calculating Time Recorder
AT-4500 Calculating Time Clock Bundle
Unit Price: $229.00
Sale Price: $189.99
Savings: $39.01


The AT-4500 offers quick and easy way to record and calculate regular and overtime working hours for up to 50-employees. The time clock sets up in minutes and is suited for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly time totals.
icon SP250
Icon SP-250 Electronic Time Clock/Time Date Stamp
Unit Price: $199.00


Icon SP-250 is inexpensive electronic time clock that can be used for employee time cards or for stamping date, time, and 13 built-in messages in six different language options on any document or form.
TimeTrax EZ USB
Pyramid TimeTrax EZ Badge System - USB
Unit Price: $199.99


TimeTrax EZ features USB Connection to your PC. Calculates regular and overtime hours (including California overtime) based on a few simple work rules. This system is very easy to set up and use.

Compumatic CLS-21
Compumatic XLS-21 Proximity/Pin System
Unit Price: $209.95


Inexpensive, easy-to-use Proximity Bade or Pin-Entry Attendance System from Compumatic comes ready for 25 employees (upgradable to unlimited employees and multiple clocks).  Includes 90-Days Free Technical Support and offers versatile connection options including direct connection to PC or to your network via ethernet cable. An optional USB flash drive for remote data transfer is also available.
Acroprint ATR-120
Acroprint ATR-120R Top Load Time Clock
Unit Price: $209.99


Acroprint ATR-120 Top Load recorder features automatic Time Card Alignment to prevent overprinting. Can accommodate any pay cycle, easy to use and affordable.
Acroprint 125 NR4 Recorder
Acroprint-125 Heavy Duty Time Clock
Unit Price: $219.00


Acroprint 125 is heavy duty time recorder suitable for any size business
TimeTrax EZ Ethernet
Pyramid TimeTrax EZ Badge System - Ethernet
Unit Price: $219.99

TimeTrax EZ features Ethernet Connection to your Network. Calculates regular and overtime hours (including California overtime) based on a few simple work rules. This system is very easy to set up and use.