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Amano TimeGuardian Software Upgrades and Modules

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TimeGuardian Employees Upgrade TimeGuardian 25 Additional Employees

Add additional employees (block of 25-each) to your TimeGuardian software

Unit Price: $70.00
TimeGuardian User Upgrade TimeGuardian Additional Users

Add additional administrator (concurrent user) to your TimeGuardian software

Unit Price: $50.00
TimeGuardian Advanced Labor Upgrade TimeGuardian Advanced Labor Upgrade

TimeGuardian Advanced Labor Module provides a cost rate (for employee wages) and billable rate (for customer invoicing) as well as complex rules for calculating costs based on labor rates and employee hours.

Unit Price: $199.00
TimeGuardian Advanced Meal Upgrade TimeGuardian Advanced Meal Module

Amano TimeGuardian Advanced Meal Module allows administrator to define rules on how fixed lunch and paid break times should be tracked. This includes lunch penalty rule option.

Unit Price: $199.00
TimeGuardian Advanced Overtime Module TimeGuardian Advanced Overtime Module

Time GuardianAdvanced Overtime Module allows for multiple levels of daily, weekly and consecutive working day overtime. Unlimited paycodes can be defined as well as custom date range settings for unique range overtime rules.

Unit Price: $199.00
TimeGuardian Advanced Pay Class TimeGuardian Advanced Pay Class

Amano TimeGuardian Advanced Pay Class Module is a must for companies that have multiple pay rules for different employees.  Features include pay class tree, multipe pay period option, holiday group, multiple pay code templates, unauthorized overtime tracking, and advanced reporting options.

Unit Price: $199.00
TimeGuardian Advanced Rounding Module TimeGuardian Advanced Rounding Module

Amano TimeGuardian Advanced Rounding Module includes comprehensinve rounding rules. Options include rounding of hours by the day, week or pay period. Also provides rounding for scheduled start and end times. Different rounding rules can be configured for each day of the week and also for holidays.

Unit Price: $199.00
TimeGuardian Advanced Event Notification Module TimeGuardian Event Notification Module

Amano TimeGuardian Event Notification Module provides automatic system notifications based on pay code threshold, exception selection and absence notification via instant messaging. Integrated instant messaging system can be installed on administrator computer(s) allowing instant company wide communication options.

Unit Price: $199.00
Amano TimeGuardian Web Interface Module TimeGuardian Web Interface Module

Web Interface Module requires no software to be installed on client computers. Employee configuration and assignment can be done through web access. Employees can punch IN and OUT as well as view previous punches or total hours worked via web access. Supervisors can edit time cards, manage employee data and run reports.

Unit Price: $499.00