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Biometric Time Clock Hand or Palm Vein Reader Systems

Are you dealing with frustrating fingerprint scan rejection? Often, our customers complain about their finger scan time clocks being inaccurate. Since fingerprint reader scans only a small surface of employee's fingertip, oftentimes the saved image does not match the actual finger - unless, employee places it on the scanner the same exact way when it was initially enrolled. Thus, employees have to manually and repeatedly to re-scan their finger to get the clock recognize them. Also, keep in mind that certain groups of population (ex. Elderly) tend to have difficult time with fingerprint time clocks in general. With age, skin begins to lose elasticity impacting the ability of fingerprint image scanner to work well. Employees that work a lot with their hands or that have especially dry or oily skin also have issues using fingerprint scanners.
Our Facial Recognition and Hand Scan/Palm Vein Scan system help eliminate above mentioned frustrations. These methods have long been a preferred way to identify employees quickly, hygiene friendly and efficiently.
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CB4000 Face Palm Finger Biometric time clock CB4000 Biometric time clock system with Online Reporting

Our most popular biometric CB4000 online time clock is powered by SaaS (software as a service) and can be deployed in just a few minutes. Get compliant today with this innovative time clock system using the most advanced biometric verification technology available - device features palm scan, facial recognition, fingerprint scan and bage/pin clocking options. Take advantage of no risk offer of full money back guarantee and 30-days free trial included. Free Mobile App included for tracking remote employees with GPS verification.

Unit Price: $239.00
Sale Price: $199.00

CB4100 Badge, Face, Palm web time clock CB4100 TOUCH FREE Badge + Biometric time clock system with Online Reporting

CB4100 Touch Free online time clock will help keep employees safe by reducing exposure contamination. Employees can clock IN and OUT using contact-less palm scan, face recognition, or RFID bage. Quick, easy Punch-N-Go operation - our system will pair IN and OUT punches automatically! Full money back guarantee and 30-days free online software trial included.

Unit Price: $199.00