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Portable Time Clocks

What could be more convenient than a portable battery operated time clock system? In this day and age, it’s no longer necessary to have a stationary time clock. Many professions involve travel or remote work which makes these portable systems exceptionally handy for a variety of jobs.

We have a few different portable time clock systems to choose from. Our Amano Time Clock, the PIX-21 A022 Electronic Time Clock, is specifically built for car operation. The Acroprint 125BP system is another great option. It’s completely portable and it’s perfect for harsh work environments.

We also carry the revolutionary FingerTec TA300 Fingerprint System which comes equipped with an operational battery. This unique fingerprint time clock is truly one of a kind. This system is perfect for mobile time and attendance tracking as it doesn’t require installation. FingerTec systems work well for work environments like construction sites, schools, and training seminars.

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Allied Time AT5000 Fingerprint Time Clock
AT5000 Fingerprint & RFID Calculating Time Clock with Operational Battery and Thermal Printer
Unit Price: $229.00


The AT5000 Biometric Fingerprint time clock offers simple and inexpensive option to securely track employee time attendance. Built-in battery backup is ideal for companies in a need of Mobile Biometric time clock system. Print calculated hours on a site using built-in Thermal Printer or download reports into Excel Spreadsheet using the included USB Stick
Amano PIX-21
Amano PIX-21 Car Battery Time Clock
Unit Price: $299.00
Sale Price: $279.00
Savings: $20.00

Amano PIX-21 Electronic Time Clock is designed for 12V Car Battery Operation to allow easy portability.
FingerTec TA300 Fingerprint Reader
FingerTec TA300 Fingerprint System with Operational Battery
Unit Price: $289.00

TA300 is our only Battery Operated Biometric Fingerprint time clock that can be used for mobile employee attendance needs. This desktop standalone fingerprint reader includes 5-Hour Battery and is ideal for "attendance on-the-go" environments such as construction sites, school center, training seminars, etc. Simply connect the unit to your PC to upload employee punches once back at the office. Package includes easy to use time attendance software.
Amano TCX-22 Battery Time Clock
Amano TCX-22 Battery Operated Time Clock
Unit Price: $329.00

Amano TCX-22 is battery operated and can work for up to one week or 5,000 punches before battery needs to be recharged.
Acroprint 125 Battery Operated Time Clock
Acroprint-125 Heavy Duty Battery Time Clock
Unit Price: $379.00


This portable time clock operates on 4 "D" Cell Batteries. It is heavy duty time recorder suitable for any size business