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AT3000 time recorder
AT-3000 Electronic Time Clock Date Stamp
Unit Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $174.99
Savings: $24.01


The AT-3000 Time Clock can be used as a time clock or time/date/number stamp. Multiple pre-set messages can be selected to stamp RCVD, SENT, FAXD and more. This time clock/time recorder sets up in minutes and ships with correct time programmed for your time zone. Why pay more for an electronic time recorder that has all the functions necessary for accurate time tracking.
100E from Lathem
Lathem 100E Electronicl Time Clock/Time Recorder
Unit Price: $184.99

Lathem 100E electronic time recorder can be used to stamp documents or to record attendance on traditional time cards.
Lathem 800P time clocks
Lathem 800P Thermal Time Clock/Time Recorder
List Price: $299.00
Unit Price: $189.00
Savings: $110.00


Lathem 800P time clock is Whisper Quiet and requires no replacement ribbon.
icon SP250
Icon SP-250 Electronic Time Clock/Time Date Stamp
Unit Price: $199.00


Icon SP-250 is inexpensive electronic time clock that can be used for employee time cards or for stamping date, time, and 13 built-in messages in six different language options on any document or form.
Acroprint 125 NR4 Recorder
Acroprint-125 Heavy Duty Time Clock
Unit Price: $219.00


Acroprint 125 is heavy duty time recorder suitable for any size business
Amano PIX-25
Amano PIX-25 Electronic Time Clock
Unit Price: $219.99


Amano PIX-25 Atomic Electronic Time Clock can stamp any combination of date, time or built-in message - on employee time card or on any document requiring date/time validation.
Acroprint ES700
Acroprint ES-700 Atomic Time Recorder
Unit Price: $229.00


Acroprint ES-700 atomic time clock keeps incredibly accurate time by synchronizing to National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is a multi-function side printing time recorder that can be used as a time clock or document stamper.
Amano PIX-95 Atomic Time Clock
Amano PIX-95 Atomic Time Clock
Unit Price: $229.99


Amano PIX-95 Atomic Time Clock updates time automatically by connecting to NIST server. This clock will print any combination of year/date/time on employee's time card or paper document.
Amano PIX-200
Amano PIX-200 Atomic Time Clock
Unit Price: $239.00


Amano PIX-200 Atomic Time Clock can stamp Date, Time, Programmable Custom (or Built-In Message), and Number on the same line. Includes Automatic Synchronization feature to NIST for Time Accuracy.
Amano TCX-21 Electronic Time Clock
Amano TCX-21 Electronic Time Clock
Unit Price: $249.00


Amano TCX-21 combines the power of electronics with the simplicity of a conventional time clock! TCX-21 Time Clock is a perfect choice for small businesses using paper time cards.