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  • Free Tool to help you calculate time totals:
    if you are using non-calculating time clock or time stamp to record employee IN and OUT clock ins, chances are you are spending hours of valuable time adding up time sheets. We offer free Time Card Calculator to help you add employee hours quickly.

  • Free Handy Minutes Conversion Chart:
    One of the most common mistakes made when calculating hours worked is trying to add or subtract regular minutes, without converting them to decimals first. For example, 8.50 hours is not the same as 8 hours and 50 minutes. Because time system uses 60 as its base (not 100), the calculation is actually 8 hours and 30 minutes (.50 x 60 = 30).

  • Free NEW Employee Time Clock System purchase consultation:
    Our team is always interested in learning about our clients’ needs so we can make the most informed and appropriate recommendations. Call us for your Free, No Purchase Obligation consultation today at 888-860-2535. We have over 50 years of industry experience and carry a variety of time clocks, systems and brands; our team will be happy to recommend the most appropriate solution for your employee needs.

  • Free LifeTime Support for ALL of our Allied Time USA brand products: If you own one of our own brand employee time clock or time system and need help, support is always free. Give us a call at 888-860-2535 (9am to 5pm EST) or email us [email protected]