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From simple employee punch clocks to sophisticated web based time & attendance systems - we carry all! Allied Time USA has been helping businesses of all sizes save time & money since 1966. Any business with employees needs to have a time machine to help both workers and business owners keep track of the hours worked. All of us here at Allied Time are passionate about helping you run your business in the best way possible. We’re confident that our time clock solutions can help any and all businesses run smoother and save on expenses. Call us today for your Custom Employee Time Clock System Quote.

Time Clocks Model AT2400 Icon RTC1000
AT 2400 4-Column Time Clock Bundle
Reg Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $145.99
Savings: $29.01

Lathem FR650 FaceIn: Face Recognition Time System
Reg Price: $419.99
Sale Price: $389.99
Savings: $30.00

Special bundle includes AT2400 Time Clock, 25 Time Cards and 10-Slot Card Holder. Inexpensive time clock that features four column printing with auto top loading and ejecting to eliminate overprinting. Face Recognition System from Lathem offers hygiene, secure, and fast verification of employee identity. Take advantage of Touch Free punching IN and OUT with Biometric Security and feature rich employee management software. The RTC1000 Time Clock requires No Monthly Fees and No Software to Install: it actually hosts its own Website. The system can be accessed from any PC Browser by web, network, or USB.
Acroprint ATR-120 AT3000 time recorder
uAttend BN6500 Wireless Fingerprint Web Based System
Reg Price: $249.00
Sale Price: $229.00
Savings: $20.00

Acroprint ATR-120R Top Load Time Clock
Reg Price: $209.99
Sale Price: $169.99
Savings: $40.00

Allied Time AT-3000 Electronic Time Clock Date Stamp
Reg Price: $199.00
Deal of the Day Price: $159.99
Savings: $39.01


Real time employee attendance - anywhere and anytime with Biometric, Wireless, Fingerprint BN6500 from uAttend. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee!

Acroprint ATR-120 Top Load recorder features automatic Time Card Alignment to prevent overprinting. Can accommodate any pay cycle, easy to use and affordable. AT-3000 Time Clock can be used as a time clock or time/date/number stamp. Multiple pre-set messages can be selected to stamp RCVD, SENT, FAXD and more. This time clock/time recorder sets up in minutes and ships with correct time programmed for your time zone. Why pay more for an electronic time recorder that has all the functions necessary for accurate time tracking.
Acroprint BioTouch Acroprint TimeQ Plus Biometric
Acroprint BioTouch Fingerprint Time Clock
Reg Price: $264.99
Sale Price: $219.99
Savings: $45.00

Acroprint TimeQ Plus V4 Biometric Fingerprint System
Reg Price: $389.00
Sale Price: $369.99
Savings: $19.01

BioTouch Biometric fingerprint time clock features quick setup, with no complicated network configuration or software installation. Setup your work rules on Excel spreadsheet, upload to the clock using the included USB Memory Stick, and you're ready to go. Employees can clock in and out using an enrolled fingerprint scan, RFID proximity badges / key fobs, or a PIN. Icon HEAVY DUTY TotalPass Biometric Time Clock system features 100% accurate biometric verification. Built-in Camera will capture failed biometric punch with a backup photograph and will alert the manager.

TimeQ Plus Biometric allows employees to punch IN and OUT with a touch of a finger. Software supports multiple PC installs and multiple Clocks.

Allied Time has been servicing businesses time & attendance needs for over 40 years. We represent all major brands and carry time clock software and solutions for any size company. Our time clocks and systems are categorized by type and function. Choose the right system for the particular needs of your company. Small businesses with a few employees may chose from traditional punch clocks or simple time and attendance software systems. Larger businesses should consider software based biometric time clocks. Web based time clock options are ideal for businesses with remote locations or disbursed employees. Employees can easily track their remote hours with a time clock online which in turn makes accounting and payroll for any size business simpler and more accurate.

Time clock solutions have been used for employee hours tracking as early as 1888. Let us help your business stay efficient and competitive – call for your free consultation today! We are passionate about helping you save and will recommend the best time clock solution to suite your employee time keeping needs.

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