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Icon Time Systems has been in business since 1989. Icon Time Systems is a division of Paychex, specializing in employee time clocks and attendance systems for small to medium size businesses. Icon Time Systems’ offers include basic mechanical time recorders to entry level automated time clocks all the way through complete network based time and attendance solutions.

Employee time clock software has been helping businesses run smoothly and maintain accurate payroll systems for decades. Icon is a popular brand for various types of businesses all over the world, including restaurants, medical offices, manufacturing and retail companies.

Icon time clock systems are both easy to install and simple to manage.

Visit www.icontime.com for additional Icon Time Systems company information.

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icon SP250 Icon CT900 Icon SB-100
Icon SP-250 is inexpensive electronic time clock that can be used for employee time cards or for stamping date, time, and 13 built-in messages in six different language options on any document or form. Icon CT900 Time Recorder calculates and records hours worked for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay cycle. Will accommodate up to 100-employees. This clock does not separate overtime. Life-time Technical Support included.
SB-100 offers Plug & Play Simplicity - No software to install! All Software is embedded right in the clock! Simply connect the time clock to a computer of your choice or directly to your network, with no complicated installation involved or expensive licenses to buy.
Icon RTC1000 TotalPass Proximity Icon TimeVue HP1000E Hand Reader System
TotalPass Proximity/Pin Wi-Fi Ready Time Clock System
Unit Price: $419.00
Sale Price: $399.00
Savings: $20.00

The RTC1000 Time Clock requires No Monthly Fees and No Software to Install: it actually hosts its own Website. The system can be accessed from any PC Browser by web, network, or USB.
Icon TotalPass Proximity readers are quick and easy to setup as they require no software installation or configuration. Connect multiple clock via Plug-n-Play WiFi, LAN/WAN or Internet to manage multiple work sites without investing in expensive servers or software. Ideal for companies with up to 500 employees and up to 32 locations.
This system features the Best in Biometric Verification offering Secure Employee Identification in less than one second. Easy to use TimeVue software for 50-Employees (with optional upgrade to 100).