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Acroprint TimeQ Plus V4 Magnetic Stripe Bundle

Acroprint TimeQ Plus V4 Mag Stripe System Bundle
Complete Package Includes: TimeQ Plus 50-Employee Software CD, TQ600M Magnetic Strip Data Terminal, 15-Badges, User Guides, Wall Mounting Hardware, Cables, 30-Days Technical Support and 1-Year Warranty.
Unit Price: $379.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours

Protect Your Investment

Standard: 1-Year (Included in Product Price)
Extend 1-Year Warranty to 2-Years [Add $49.00]

Overview Tech Specs/Resources
Acroprint TimeQ Plus Mag Stripe comes ready for 50 employees (upgradable to 250) and offers easy connection to your network (LAN Only). Software accommodates multiple clocks and multiple supervisor installs. It can also accommodate remote location(s) where PC is not available -- simply download the data to a USB stick and then upload the data into the computer.
Product Features
  • Complete Package with Software and Magnetic Badge Reader included
  • Built-in Ethernet Communication (TCP/IP, LAN Only)
  • USB Flash Drive for Remote Data Transfer between Clock and PC
  • Check Hours Worked or Collect/Transfer Work Codes at the clock
  • Multiple Punch In Methods (Badge, Pin, or PC-Punch)
Software Features
  • Easily Upgradable to Additional Employees (250 Maximum)
  • Optional automatic lunch deduction can be programmed based on hours worked.
  • Supports Work Codes Collection/Transfer at the clock (up to 99999 different codes)
  • Supports up to 12 Shifts/Departments with Unique Start/Finish Times, Lunch and Rounding Rules
  • Software can be installed on Single or on Multiple PCs on your Local Area Network
  • Supports Two Levels of overtime including Daily, Weekly and 7th Day rules
  • Unique Time Rounding Rules for calculated totals
  • Archive, Restore and Backup features
  • Allows manual recording of Sick, Vacation, Holidays, and Exception hours
  • Supports Multiple Time Clocks (Biometric, Proximity, Magnetic or Badge Swipe)
  • Integrates with multiple Payroll Providers including QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, PrimePay, Peachtree, and outputs reports to generic CSV file.
  • English/Spanish or English/French configurations available

Available Reports

  • Employee Hours Summary
  • Employee Time Card
  • Who is IN, Who is OUT Report
  • Shifts Report
  • Holiday Report
  • Time Cards Approval Report
  • Approaching Overtime Report
  • Daily Totals by Day
  • Daily Totals by Employee
  • Employee Profiles Report
  • System Rules Report

TimeQ Plus 50-Additional Employees Grille Horn 120v/60Hz Acroprint TimeQ Relay Box Badge Rack, 40-Slots, Industrial Plastic
Unit Price: $125.00

Unit Price: $135.00

Unit Price: $135.00

Unit Price: $34.00

TimeQ Plus Additional 50 Employees Signal Device: Grille Horn 120v/60Hz Dry Contact relay box for Acroprint System Badge Rack, 40-Slots, Industrial Plastic
TQ600M Magnetic Strip Terminal for TimeQ Plus Software Acroprint Magnetic Strip Badges #16-50 Acroprint Magnetic Strip Badges #51-100
Unit Price: $279.00

Unit Price: $89.00

Unit Price: $125.00

Acroprint TQ600M Magnetic Strip Terminal Acroprint  Magnetic Strip Badges #16-50 Acroprint  Magnetic Strip Badges #51-100

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