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Choose one of our biometric time clock systems to help eliminate payroll system glitches while simultaneously stabilizing your payroll system. Biometric time clocks utilize some of the leading technology available today as far as time and attendance software goes. These systems are highly accurate and are immune to many of the errors that occur with older time clock systems.

One of the biggest issues with traditional timesheets or other time clock systems is something called “buddy punching.” “Buddy punching” refers to employees who clock in their co-workers when they’re absent or running late. This is obviously a big financial problem for business owners. Luckily, fingerprint time clock options can help to eliminate these inaccuracies.

Face recognition technology is incredibly efficient and hygienic. These facial readers utilize a built-in camera lens that scans up to 60 features and dimensions of the employee’s face. The process takes place extremely quickly allowing employees to clock in or out within 2 seconds.

Another great option is to install fingerprint time clocks. These systems can verify identities even with typical impediments such as wet, dry, cracked, or dirty fingers. Even the fingerprints of older workers and those wearing gloves can easily be read with these precise systems.

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Acroprint BioTouch Allied Time AT5000 Fingerprint Time Clock Compumatic XLS-Bio
Acroprint BioTouch Fingerprint Time Clock
Reg Price: $264.99
Sale Price: $229.00
Savings: $35.99

BioTouch Biometric fingerprint time clock features quick setup, with no complicated network configuration or software installation. Setup your work rules on Excel spreadsheet, upload to the clock using the included USB Memory Stick, and you're ready to go. Employees can clock in and out using an enrolled fingerprint scan, RFID proximity badges / key fobs, or a PIN. The AT5000 Biometric Fingerprint time clock offers simple and inexpensive option to securely track employee time attendance. Built-in battery backup is ideal for companies in a need of Mobile Biometric time clock system. Print calculated hours on a site using built-in Thermal Printer or download reports into Excel Spreadsheet using the included USB Stick Inexpensive, easy-to-use Fingerprint Attendance System from Compumatic comes ready for 25 employees (upgradable to unlimited employees and multiple clocks).  Includes 90-Days Free Technical Support and offers versatile connection options including direct connection to PC or to your network via ethernet cable. An optional USB flash drive for remote data transfer is also available.
FingerTec TA300 Fingerprint Reader Pyramid Trax Elite Biometric Fingerprint Kit Acroprint TimeQ Plus Biometric
Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Fingerprint System
Reg Price: $379.00
Sale Price: $329.99
Savings: $49.01

Acroprint TimeQ Plus V4 Biometric Fingerprint System
Reg Price: $389.00
Sale Price: $369.99
Savings: $19.01


TA300 is our only Battery Operated Biometric Fingerprint time clock that can be used for mobile employee attendance needs. This desktop standalone fingerprint reader includes 5-Hour Battery and is ideal for "attendance on-the-go" environments such as construction sites, school center, training seminars, etc. Simply connect the unit to your PC to upload employee punches once back at the office. Package includes easy to use time attendance software.
Made in the US, this system eliminates costly buddy punching by using state of the art Biometric Fingerscan Technology. Packed with Windows® based software that allows for variable pay rates and pay periods, unlimited departments and department transfers, shift rounding up or down and a variety of pay schedules. TimeQ Plus Biometric allows employees to punch IN and OUT with a touch of a finger. Software supports multiple PC installs and multiple Clocks.
ATR-360 Fingerprint Web Based time clock AT-10C
Lathem FR650 FaceIn: Face Recognition Time System
Reg Price: $419.99
Sale Price: $389.99
Savings: $30.00

Web Based Wireless Biometric RFID Fingerprint Time System - Alliance AT10C
Reg Price: $399.00
Deal of the Day Price: $299.99
Savings: $99.01

Face Recognition System from Lathem offers hygiene, secure, and fast verification of employee identity. Take advantage of Touch Free punching IN and OUT with Biometric Security and feature rich employee management software. Acroprint ATR-360 Top Load recorder features automatic Time Card Alignment to prevent Overprinting and Fingerprint Verification to prevent Buddy Punching. Our most user friendly Biometric Fingerprint time clock with Wireless Communication (Wi-Fi) built-in. The Alliance AT-10c web based time clock is designed to connect to your web based employee account to transfer punches in Real-Time for accurate attendance reporting. No software installation or configuration required - free setup and lifetime support included.
Amano TimeGuardian FPT80 Fingerprint System Acroprint TimeQ Plus Biometric FingerTec TA200 Fingerprint Time Clock
Amano Fingerprint FPT-80 TimeGuardian System features New and Improved Biometric Fingerprint Sensor and Color Screen Display, Plug & Play Installation Wizzard, 100-Employee 2-Administrator Software, Check Hours worked or transfer Departments at the clock, and ability to setup Unlimited Number Pay Policies, Schedules, and Holiday Rules. A variety of software upgrades are available for companies needing added functionality. TimeQ Plus Biometric FaceVerify allows employees to punch IN and OUT with a Touch-Free, Secure Face Recognition Scan. Once enrolled, employees simply look at the terminal to clock in and out. Optional RFID Badge or Pin-Entry clock in methods included. Software supports multiple PC installs and multiple Clocks. The FingerTec® TA200 time attendance system features impressive TFT display for vivid color presentation and large storage capacity capable of servicing hundreds of employees. This fingerprint time clock offers multiple verification methods, including fingerprint, password, and RFID card.
Amano TimeGuardian HP1000 Hand Reader System Icon TimeVue HP1000E Hand Reader System
Heavy Duty TotalPass Biometric Time Clock System
Reg Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $549.99
Savings: $49.01
Icon HEAVY DUTY TotalPass Biometric Time Clock system features 100% accurate biometric verification. Built-in Camera will capture failed biometric punch with a backup photograph and will alert the manager.

This system features the Best in Biometric Verification offering Secure Employee Identification in less than one second. 50-Employee Package with optional upgrades. This system features the Best in Biometric Verification offering Secure Employee Identification in less than one second. Easy to use TimeVue software for 50-Employees (with optional upgrade to 100).
Amano TimeGuardian HP1000E Hand Reader System Amano TimeGuardian HP2000E Hand Reader System
This system features the Best in Biometric Verification offering Secure Employee Identification in less than one second. 100-Employee Package with optional upgrades. This system features the Best in Biometric Verification offering Secure Employee Identification in less than one second. 200-Employee Package with optional upgrades.